Piano Chords For Happy Birthday By Ziemba

Portrait of Thelonious Monk Minton\'s Playhouse New…
Portrait of Thelonious Monk Minton’s Playhouse New York Rattling out piano chords—The Library of Congress (Flickr.com)

A group of young students became excited when hearing the piano chords for happy birthday being played by Chris Ziemba and the other group members of the Juillard jazz ensemble.

You can just imagine how even more thrilled they became when given the opportunity of playing the piano alongside this accomplished jazz ensemble. One of the young students, Mackenzie Graham was also honored as being the special star guest at this jazz concert.

This honor came as a big surprise to the young lady, who was chosen along with another three youngsters to play piano on stage.

The Juilliard musicians invited the kids to accompany them by playing on the black keys of the piano, while the group played along with an appropriate jazz number.

Piano Chords For Happy Birthday

As a tribute to his hero (Theloniouse Monk – See top image), Ziemba and the other group members gave a rendering the happy birthday song.

“I was really surprised when they picked me,” MacKenzie said. “I liked playing the different notes and then playing together. It was really cool and I liked the music they played. The bass is the best, because I like the way it sounds.”

Now in its fourth year, Juilliard in Aiken has brought more than three dozen vocalists, musicians and dancers affiliated with The Juilliard School to the community for formal concerts and an increasing number of school outreach opportunities.

The ensemble is a performance education program established by the college in 2001. The current members are Matthew Jodrell, trumpet; Michael Thomas, alto saxophone; Christopher Ziemba, piano; Rob Haight, tenor saxophone; John Tate, bass; and Jeremy Noller, drums.

Read more about Ziemba playing the piano chords for happy birthday for the children.

Video Sample Of The Music From Ziemba On Piano

Featured here with Ziemba is Chris Potter on drums. A very accomplished performance, don’t you think.



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