Patty Smith Hill: Birthday Of Happy Birthday Song Writer

Couldn’t miss this date the 27th 0f March, due to it being the Birthday of Patty Smith Hill (died on 25th of May 1946) co-writer of the world famous Happy Birthday song which after all, is responsible for a lot of what this blog is all about.

Along with her sister Mildred Hill, they both put the, “Good Morning To All”  song together, which was the original name for the Birthday song we now sing today. Visit the page, Happy Birthday chords for more information about the two sisters.

Patty Smith Hill Song

I have added the video by Javier Collado who strums the Happy Birthday guitar chords to us, which is a very pleasing rendering of the tune, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Below is an image of the Good Morning to All version of the Birthday song co-written by Patty Smith Hill and her sister. This song was intended to be an easily performed song by the young infants.

Original Patti Smith Hill Song
Original Patti Smith Hill Song From Wikipedia

To read more about this story Patty Smith Hill click on the link. The song seemingly can now be found translated into 18 different languages, which says something about the song in itself. Many variations have also been added on Youtube videos, some interesting ones are already on this site and many more will be added in the future days ahead.

The amount of content from all types of media that is available to us, is pretty staggering when you consider the fact, that the Happy Birthday Song is after all just a one verse song.

The amount of times that it is performed throughout the world on a daily basis, may even run into the millions.

In 1998 the Guinness Book of World Records, stated that out of all the songs sung in the English language, the Happy Birthday song was the number 1 recognized song.

Not bad going from a school kindergarten principal, Patty Smith Hill and her pianist and composer sister, Mildred J. Hill.



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