Happy Birthday Guitar Chords For Beginners

I have placed this Happy Birthday guitar chords for beginners video on the website as lots of folks like to watch videos when learning to play instruments. In the future I will also put a video for those who want to see Happy Birthday piano chords played on piano or keyboard on the site, so I hope you will enjoy them.

Happy Birthday Guitar Chords For Beginners Video

In this video Jethro make a good job of teaching the happy birthday song and explains how to get your singalong audience to start off singing in the proper key. He goes on to explain that the timing of this song is in 3 /4 time, meaning there are 3 beats to the bar and indeed counts the beats for you, in order that you will understand the function better.

Here you will see the Happy Birthday song being played in the key of G Major and the chords of G, D and C being used. To see the song and the associated chords for the Happy Birthday Chords in the key of G click on the link. Play along with this music chart until you become proficient in playing the song in the key of G Major.

Once you have mastered how to to play the tune in the G key and the chord changes are smooth, it’s time to move on to learn to play the song in other keys. To learn how to play in the keys D Major and F Major see the Happy Birthday guitar chords page for more tutorials.