Famous Bob Dylan Songs – “Blowin In The Wind”

Famous Bob Dylan Songs Symbol
Famous Bob Dylan Songs Symbol

This week it was happy birthday wishes all round for the 50th birthday, of one of the most famous Bob Dylan songs, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, the 1960s anti-war protest song. Tex Zimmerman has made a present of a birthday cake to the song and presented it to a Bob Dylan representative. The happy birthday chords will be getting strummed, when Tex performs  on Sunday.

 Famous Bob Dylan Songs

Just thought it appropriate to add a few videos of “Blowin In The Wind” as it was after all,  one of the Bob Dylan greatest hits. I attended a venue late last year to watch Bob Dylan perform and at 70 years young he can still have the fans going mad and asking for encores.

Songwriter extraordinaire to put it mildly and destined for the history books of the future. Wonder what they’ll say?

A Young Lad, Matt Corrado’s Does Dylan


Famous Bob Dylan Songs Birthday Cake Honer

Tex Zimmerman couldn’t sit back and watch the 50th birthday of a Bob Dylan classic pass without fanfare.

On Sunday, Tex Zimmerman and His All-Star Revue will lead Dan’s Silverleaf in wishing many happy returns to “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Tex Zimmerman is a Dylan-devoted musical persona of Denton jazz musician Mike Steinel.

Dylan told the press that in 1961, he was disappointed by that year’s release, Bob Dylan. Within weeks of releasing the self-titled album — which included just two original songs — Dylan began writing a stream of protest songs that would take him two years to complete.

Click the link to read more of this story, celebrating one of the most famous Bob Dylan songs.

I’m sure everyone will have been well entertained here, especially fans of these famous Bob Dylan songs. No doubt the Dylan style guitar chords and harmonica accompaniments will have been in full flow at this happy birthday event. kkk

More Versions Of The All Time Great Song

Katie Melua version


Joan Baes Version


Original Bob Dylan “Blowin In The Wind”


Patty Smith Hill: Birthday Of Happy Birthday Song Writer

Couldn’t miss this date the 27th 0f March, due to it being the Birthday of Patty Smith Hill (died on 25th of May 1946) co-writer of the world famous Happy Birthday song which after all, is responsible for a lot of what this blog is all about.

Along with her sister Mildred Hill, they both put the, “Good Morning To All”  song together, which was the original name for the Birthday song we now sing today. Visit the page, Happy Birthday chords for more information about the two sisters.

Patty Smith Hill Song

I have added the video by Javier Collado who strums the Happy Birthday guitar chords to us, which is a very pleasing rendering of the tune, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Below is an image of the Good Morning to All version of the Birthday song co-written by Patty Smith Hill and her sister. This song was intended to be an easily performed song by the young infants.

Original Patti Smith Hill Song
Original Patti Smith Hill Song From Wikipedia

To read more about this story Patty Smith Hill click on the link. The song seemingly can now be found translated into 18 different languages, which says something about the song in itself. Many variations have also been added on Youtube videos, some interesting ones are already on this site and many more will be added in the future days ahead.

The amount of content from all types of media that is available to us, is pretty staggering when you consider the fact, that the Happy Birthday Song is after all just a one verse song.

The amount of times that it is performed throughout the world on a daily basis, may even run into the millions.

In 1998 the Guinness Book of World Records, stated that out of all the songs sung in the English language, the Happy Birthday song was the number 1 recognized song.

Not bad going from a school kindergarten principal, Patty Smith Hill and her pianist and composer sister, Mildred J. Hill.



Les Paul Google Doodle Guitar: Happy Birthday To Les Paul

Do you remember starting your computer up on the 9th of June 2011, going into Google and there was the Les Paul Google doodle guitar staring you right in the face. What was your reaction? Did you ever manage to do that search you originally went there to do? Speaking for myself, it was Christmas and Happy Birthday time all rolled into one, just messing around with this playable guitar page. This was Google’s way of honoring the great man on what was his Birthday, with the doodle Les Paul Guitar.

I thought you might be interested in this YouTube video that I stumbled upon. This person has managed to play Happy Birthday on the guitar.  Maybe just a tad out of tune on one part, but overall a very good attempt.

Les Paul Google Doodle Guitar

Being a big fan of the guitar and the music produced by the instrument, in all it’s shapes and forms, I for one totally forgot what I went to Google for that morning. Not only a guitar fan, but also old enough to remember the original songs sung by Les Paul, who’s real name was “Lester William Polfuss” and his wife, Mary Ford, real name “Colleen Summers”.

Les Paul Guitar Image
Les Paul Guitar - Real Version

It was Les Paul that first got me and many others, interested in multitracking music and purchasing semi-professional tape recorders. The hours of fun that these provided not only for myself, but also all of the children who were fascinated by the sounds provided. Such as the various echo’s and voice pitches produced on playback at various speeds.

For those who are unfamiliar with exactly what Les Paul was responsible for bringing to the world of music as we know it today, here is a brief description. He has been been responsible for pioneering work such as, sound on sound, creating echo effects using tape delay techniques, multitrack recordings and much more. His greatest attribute is undoubtedly the solid bodied electric guitar, which everyone who has ever taped their feet in rhythm, will be familiar with.

Although the music we remember from Les was Country and Jazz, Les Paul is often referred to as the father of Rock and Roll due to him giving us the electric guitar. Can you imagine Rock and Roll without electric guitars?

Thanks for that one Google, the Les Paul Google Doodle guitar is definitely my favorite Google doodle of all time. You can still access the doodle by clicking the link above.

Happy Birthday on Piano Jazz style: Vote On Best Image

Happy Birthday On PianoStudy time is over and it’s time for some light entertainment, with this rendering of Happy Birthday on piano, Jazz style. Really interesting video, I think you will enjoy it.

Apart from the delightful happy jazzed up version of the Happy Birthday song, these guy’s certainly should be congratulated on the brilliant graphics they have added to the video.

Enjoy The Happy Birthday on Piano Video


How’s about those crazy Birthday cake candles, are they something or what? Getting some good ideas for a certain persons next big day party here.

What’s your favorite image from the video, apart from that gorgeous cake?

Is it “The Chocolate Kid”, “Mickey Mouse” or is it perhaps “Hammy The Hamster”, who is singing along to the Happy Birthday jazz music.

Be it the Beatles, the Beer, the Balloons, the Bear in the middle of the tussle or the Bunch of Kids waiting to get stuck into the food on the table. Let us know in the chat box below what you like best.

Jazz Piano Hero

If your a fan of Jazz and piano in particular, a great all-time favorite you might be interested in reading about is Dave Brubeck. The composer/musician celebrated his 91st birthday on the 6th of December 2011. Although this page of recommended reading dates to 2009, it does give good details about Dave.

One of America’s most revered and respected jazz and classical pianists and composers, Dave Brubeck has remained prolific throughout his six decades of performing on stages across the world.

Dave Brubeck’s Early Days

Born in Concord, California, on December 6, 1920, David Warren Brubeck seems to have entered the world with music in his blood. The Brubeck family also produced two more professional musicians, Brubeck’s two elder brothers. Young Dave took to the keys at an early age, taught by his mother who had studied classical piano in England.

Would you have this guy play Happy Birthday on piano Jazz style, to you? Click the link for more of this great story.

Pass this page on to your friends who will be celebrating a Happy Birthday soon.


Happy Birthday On Ukulele In 6 Languages From Lance

Watch the video where you’ll see the kid play Happy Birthday on ukulele. This little chapie named Lance at 4 years old “and that’s no typo” he is only 4 years old, entertains us in a skillful manner. He strums the chords while singing the happy birthday song in 6 different languages.

Lance Plays Happy Birthday On Ukulele

If it’s your birthday, and your language is included here, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish or Tagalog then enjoy Lance’s version of the birthday song. Or on the other hand, if you know someone who’s birthday is coming up, then why not send them this link on their birthday as a little surprise.

I have found out from comments on the video, where Lance is from and it appears to be the  Philippines. The main language of the area is Tagalog and yes he does sing that version to!

So just out of interest, I did a search for how we would write happy birthday in little lance’s native tongue. Well, I have found out exactly and even more useful phrase into the bargain, see below.

Maligayang kaarawan = (Happy Birthday)
Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan = (Happy/Joyful/Merry Wishes on your Birthday)
Nawa’y pagpalain ka ng Diyos ng marami pang kaarawan = (May God bless you with many more birthdays to come)

For lots more Tagalog with conversions into English, visit the site for happy birthday phrases and more.

The next lesson for those who are regular visitors to this site and attempting to learn the Happy Birthday chords, here is your next lesson. Once you have mastered  playing the Happy Birthday Ukulele chords, start learning to play and sing it in another language. I’m sure you know someone who speaks another language apart from English, don’t you think this would make a most unusual present for them on their next birthday celebration.

You will find a great many more languages at the above site other than Tagalog. I’m sure you could manage a rendering in whatever language you choose.

Well done little Lance, give us more. When your birthday arrives and I know that it might seem like ages for a young lad like you, Maligayang kaarawan. Even, Nawa’y pagpalain ka ng Diyos ng marami pang kaarawan and I’m sure that I’m speaking for the great many people from all around the world, who have enjoyed your rendering of happy birthday on ukulele.


Happy Birthday Guitar Tab Will Keep You In Tune

If your looking for a happy birthday guitar tab, check out this video. Maybe you have mastered playing the happy birthday chords and want to move onto picking out the tune on single notes. It’s not really all that difficult once you play it a few times, persevere and you’ll soon master it.

Happy Birthday Guitar Tab Video

When learning how to play guitar, this handy tab video could be followed and replayed until you manage to play along fluently and in time, with the instructor. Shouldn’t be to difficult an exercise and wont take to long for you to start to play it proficiently.

Once you have mastered this, try to add a few chord strums in at intervals, this is assuming you have learned the Happy Birthday guitar chords already. Soon you will find the right place to add the chord strums, with a bit of practice. Doing this exercise will get you used to where the different notes are on the fretboard as well as landing on the proper chords in the correct key.

If your finding this a bit difficult, just remember that all those guitar idols that you have, all started out with these same learning steps and yes the same sore finger tips!

It’s surprising what a bit of dogged perseverance can finally bring about. When you feel you have had enough practice for one day, simply walk away, there’s another day tomorrow to continue learning the.

For those not to sure what guitar tabs are all about, let me explain a little bit more. Simply, the word tab is a shortening of the word tabulature. The tab chart displays fingering positions on the fret board, instead of the musical notes you might be more used to seeing. Visit this link for some more information  about tabulature and moving on to using the happy birthday guitar tab.



Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr President

A classic post for this site is without doubt the, Marilyn Monroe happy birthday Mr President video. Marilyn singing the Happy Birthday song to JFK (John F. Kennedy) the United States of America President, must surely be one of the most famous happy birthday wishes and renderings of this song ever.

Marilyn Monroe Singing Happy Birthday Mr President Video

It was on the 19th of May 1962 that Marilyn was introduced onto the stage as “This lovely lady” by the presenter, who stated “Something or other – But punctual, Mr President, Marilyn Monroe”.

The audience at this point bursts into laughter, because when the presenter turns round expecting to see Marilyn walk onto stage, the stage is empty, NO Marilyn!

The sound in the auditorium is a bit distorted due to a lot of echo, but the presenter goes on to build Marilyn’s introduction with something that sounds like,

“But I’ll give her an introduction anyway, because Mr President in the history of show business.

There’s been no one female,

Who meant so much,

Who has done more”.

At this point Marilyn finally appears, hurriedly shimmies across the stage as Marilyn only could, to the relief of the presenter. He then re-introduces her,

“Mr President, the ??? Marilyn Monroe”

The question marks are in place here, because I can’t make out what it is he says. Many people have interpreted what he said as, “The late Marilyn Monroe”. Very possible because she was late arriving on stage, or maybe they are only reading into this, due to her sudden death shortly after.

Happy Birthday Song

After having her wrap removed by the presenter, Marilyn goes on to give her rendition of happy birthday, followed by her own version of the song, “Thanks for the Memory”. The words go like this:


Thanks, Mr. President
For all the things you’ve done
The battles that you’ve won
The way you deal with U.S. Steel
And our problems by the ton
We thank you so much.

Read more about the “Marilyn Monroe happy birthday Mr President” story

Later on, JFK appeared on the stage and jokingly stated, “I can now retire from politics after having had Happy Birthday sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way,”

It’s quite funny really when you consider that Marilyn Monroe singing the Happy Birthday song was a bit premature, as the Presidents official 45th Birthday was celebrated 10 days later on the 29th of May. Question is, if the presenter did indeed say, “The late Marilyn Monroe”, turns out she was actually early, 10 days early to be exact!


Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali On 70th Birthday

I would just like to join with the many others, to say Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali to one of my all time sports hero’s. The world heavyweight boxing champion Ali, gets the Happy Birthday song sung to him to celebrate his 70th birthday in his home town of Louisville Kentucky. As the commentator states, “Ali is one of the most beloved people in the world, is old now, after suffering 30 years of illness, but he still lights up the room. How true!

Crowd Wishing Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali

No big bands , no pianos playing and no strumming of the Happy Birthday guitar chords here, just a collection of admirers, supporters and friends singing Happy Birthday to the great man. Some of these guests which included Lennox Lewis, payed anything up to $1000 to attend the special dinner occasion held at the Muhammad Ali Centre.

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali Of Younger Years NYWTS Wikipedia

A few people in the video comment about Ali’s accomplishments and how inspirational someone like him is to all youngsters. A long time battler both in the ring and out, the commentator explains the reason why Ali threw his Gold Medal that he won in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, into the Ohio river.

His spitting image brother appears in the video and tells us that, although Ali’s motor skills are slow due to Parkinson’s his mind is still sharp.

Ali was even prepared to throw everything away by refusing to go to war in Vietnam, which ended up in a court battle. His principles were priority over fame and gives us a measure of the man.

Apart from his feats and triumphs in the ring, never have I heard a more entertaining sports personality. Memories I have of the Louisville Lip as he was once named, are fresh in my mind and still give cheer. Whether it be Pre-fight build up rantings or the witty charming appearances on the Parkinson Shows on United Kingdom television, Ali always provided us with great entertainment.

My only claim to any similarity to the great man is, that we were both born in the same year of 1942. My hero in the sporting world and hugely admired in the everyday world,   Happy Birthday Wishes and many more.

Video clips of Ali then known as Cassius Clay winning and being presented with his gold medal in Rome.

This link will give more good information about the Birthday Boy Muhammad Ali and more about the man can be found at this Mohammad Ali

Happy Birthday Tune Played On The Flute

This video will help those trying to learn the Happy Birthday tune played on the flute a whole lot quicker than just looking at music sheets. Keith Davis provides the flute tutorial here at various speeds in order to help students grasp the steps that much easier. The Birthday Song is being practiced by those learning to strum Happy Birthday on guitar as well as those learning to play the piano chords every day of the year.

Keith starts of going through the first phrase and then repeating at a slower speed that shows the finger work on the flute much clearer. Moving on to the 2nd phrase of the Happy Birthday tune he again plays it twice, the second time with a few possible variations for students to follow. The advice he suggests is to experiment with these variations until you are satisfied with your final results.

He makes the third section look just as easy for you to follow and bring the tune to completion.

Happy Birthday Tune Played On The Flute And Piccolo

Be prepared for a very nice treat performed by this young lady, as she treats us to a rendering of the happy birthday celebration song.  She must have used a multitracking system because it is the flute and the piccolo playing at the same time.

An example of multitracking would be to record one session with the flute, then play it back while playing the piccolo and of course have your video recorder running in record mode. Hey Presto,  play it back and you now have a multitrack showing both of your talents in one youtube video.

A very clever touch and very well performed. Who knows what size of orchestra she may end up making, if she already has these skills.

Hope the videos help you to learn to play the Happy Birthday tune on the flute and perhaps surprise someone very special to you when you do so. If you found the information useful, hit the share buttons below to forward it to a friend.



Happy Birthday Piano Chords Tutorial

For those looking to see how the Happy Birthday piano chords look while being played on the keyboard, I’ve dug out this video for you. It has been recorded and played by this guy, Rob Smallwood. When it starts your going to say “But this is just another guy playing the Happy Birthday song and we won’t see any chords being shown” WROoooooong!!! That’s only the introduction, more to come.

OK, now we have that point out of the way, watch Rob show you some clever methods of how to play these chords. At 1.10 minutes into the video you will see that he starts of playing the tune in the key of C, which is an excellent tutorial in itself. If you choose to go on and learn how to play the tune, then at about 1.47 minutes into the video, he shows you how to play the C, G, F and F minor chords.

I have mentioned on another page here at, Happy Birthday guitar chords,  the benefits of learning the Happy Birthday chords in a selection of keys to accompany singers and guitar players wanting to play in these different keys. Ron also gives this same recommendation while at the same time, he demonstrates these other chord sequences for you to learn.

The tip he gives us here in this Happy Birthday piano chords tutorial is to use numbers, which he explains will be easier for the student, than learning chord names initially.

At the 4.05 minutes mark in the video he demonstrates the chords in the key of D, which are D, G and A. The final chord set of Happy Birthday piano chords he plays are in the key of G, which are G, D and F, Your homework now is to go on and practice these Happy Birthday chords in as many keys as you can.