Cat Cake, Cat Cake and more Cat Cake

cat cake

I was on a diet for over 6 months. Although since it’s my birthday today I think I’ll splash out in some cat cake.

Yes cat birthday cake and then some more cat birthday cake and then some…

Dancing Grandma Needs Followers

This dancing Grandma needs followers. See the Video.

Well just you go for it J Dimps. Are you sure you’re gonna turn 80 years old?

Got to say you’re looking mighty spritely for anyone about to hit the big 80. Will you be doing it all over again when you’re going for your 90th?

All these questions yeh, but somehow I think the answer will be yes on all accounts.!/BostieTweets/status/196043222663954432

A New York woman, who is turning 80 in October, wants to have one thousand Twitter followers for every year of her life by her birthday. She is above 70,000 at this point.

@J_DIMPS you will get there, your goal is known all the way in Belgium! You will have way more than 80.000 followers! 🙂

— Kevin Mestdagh (@KevinMestdagh1) April 28, 2012

Every one follow @J_DIMPS so she gets 80,000 followers!

— Lindsey H (@linharrington) April 28, 2012!/FusRoDuffy/status/196058040980606977

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Funny Young Ninja – Two Year On His Birthday

My Two Year Old Nephew On His Birthday...

Like the funny young Ninja before he goes into battle!

When given 2 choices – he always chooses the hardest path.

Bless him.


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Happy Birthday Balloons Images Made For You

With balloons being so much a part of celebrating birthdays, so too is the demand for happy birthday balloons images. Folk buy balloons in their millions and spend just as many hours blowing them up and decorating them in preparation for their friends and families forthcoming birthday.

Happy Birthday Balloon Pictures
Happy Birthday Balloon Pictures

Thanks to our new Happy Birthday Images Portal we are now able to make and add all sorts of images to the blog. The good news is that this service is also available for our readers to use as and when they wish, just visit the above link to see it for yourself.

You could build up your own images using our pre-made templates and images.

You can personalize them any way you want by adding names of people you want to send the image too.

Add your own personal greetings message and congratulations.

There are a few sample pictures added to this page, made using the happy birthday balloons images category. They will give some idea of what the image portal can provide.

The first image would be suitable to send to a young daughter, whereas the second image would probably suit a boy much better.

Make Your Own Happy Birthday Balloons Images Greetings Card

The best idea would be to play around with it and get used to the various templates, images and add on items, like speech bubbles, hairpieces etc. More templates and images will be added and I will post on here when they are ready.

Happy Birthday Balloons Images
Happy Birthday Balloons Images

On the second image, you will see how I have decorated the balloon on the left hand side to create a funny face. Speech bubbles can sometimes be hilarious as can added text with witty statements or humorous quotes.

Many folk are nowadays referring to these types of images as memes. They have become very popular everywhere, none more so than on the social sharing sites.

Talking about social sharing site, feel free to pass on this page to your friends, you just never know how creative they might become and what they will send to you.

I have already started making others such as, “Happy Birthday Cake Images” and some “Funny Happy Birthday Images”.

If you have any preferences to other image ideas apart from the happy birthday balloons images already provided, leave a comment to let us know what templates which follow the “Happy Birthday Chords Theme” you would like to see.

Now’s your opportunity, to show off your skills using our free to use memes maker.


Happy Birthday Penguin Style – Real Cool Birthday Song


Enjoy the happy birthday penguin style video to see the happy birthday song performed, possibly in a way you’de never seen before. Wow, never knew they could do so many dancing steps, even the very young to the old.

May even take a trip down Antartica way, just to watch this show all for myself. “Happy birthday, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, may all your dreams come true, la, la, la”

Looks like Pengy over there on the right has slept in and missed the party. Is he asking those folks, “Is this the way to Antarctica” looks lost to me!

Happy Birthday Penguin Image

You could cheer someone special up by forwarding this page link to them, especially if their birthday is quite close.

Even take them to the birthday quiz questions page, see if they can pick out who you’re wishing happy birthday to.

Enjoy, enjoy man, la, la, tre-la, may all your dreams come true, happy birthday to you, la, la, la, dreams come true, dreams come truuuuueeeee, la, la, tra, la, le, la……..



Birthday Quiz Questions – Wish Someone Happy Birthday Today

Have you been looking for something a bit different that you could send to someone to wish them a happy birthday.

How would a birthday quiz questions page, that you could send them to, suit you. Just for a bit of fun, I made this question quiz up for some of my own friends and family.

Now I see them passing it around to their friends as well.

How it Works

Try to see how many people you could wish happy birthday to in the  image below. In fact why not share the image with the person you would like to congratulate, or just share it with anyone you know.

Just ask them if they can find the name that you refer to them as.

Birthday Quiz Questions

You could even comment below about how many you managed to find, don’t give to much away to others though!

Here are some other links to pages that you could point your friends and family to that would put a smile on their faces when their birthday arrives. Have they watched the Happy Bithday Penguin Style video, give them a laugh.

Or how about treating them to watching little Lans (only 4 years old at the time) playing and singing happy birthday on the ukulele  in 6 different languages, what a treat.




Eating A Happy Birthday Electric Guitar and Soggy Chords

I do admit that eating a happy birthday electric guitar cake does sound a bit surreal, but this it what you will be able to do when you put into practice, exactly what the ladies in the video explain to us. That’s if the kids let you near it in the first place!

Just click skip, to get rid of the advert at the start and learn how to make a most interesting and novel cake. Wow, I’m feeling hungry.

The presenter asks if your kids are old enough to rock-it-out with their favorite song, then they are definitely old enough to love a rock and roll birthday party with their very own happy birthday electric guitar cake.

Having a look at the cake, it certainly looks the part in it’s mad modern color complete with scratch plate, pick-ups, strings, frets, pegs and control knobs. In fact it looks so good, you could eat it, as they say. Steady junior, let’s a least take a photo first.

I like the way the table is decorated out with the sunglasses etc already in place for the invited party guests, let’s go, let’s go, let’s party!!!

Just for a moment let’s act like a kid, who would you like to be surrounded with if it were your birthday party. The King, The Big O, Buddy or the fab Four getting their fingers all messed up strumming the happy birthday guitar chords on this guitar. Or maybe someone a bit more current, just think.

Using a slab of cake and proceeding to cut the cake using a guitar shaped template, now gives it a crumb coat followed by a final coat of frosting – is that icing? Now comes the delicate procedure of piping on the decoration which gives the cake it’s individuality. Just think what you could pipe on here, blank canvas!

When we imagine what’s about to take place here, when all those Rockers get sat down and after singing the happy birthday song, begin gorging  themselves on this gastronomic delight, will it be time well spent, making it? Mothers, only Mothers, where would we be without them.

Happy Birthday Chords Played on An iPhone App

Playing the happy birthday chords on an iPhone app, well what next. I thought it was a clever and unusual method of performing the birthday song, so I just had to add it in here for you to see. Hope you to enjoy watching it.

Enter the iPhone App Playing The Happy Birthday Chords


Personally I’ve never attempted to play it on an iPhone, how’s about you? Would like to know just how common it is playing these.

This is yet another method of playing the birthday tune we can add to our collection, having already added variouse styles of the guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, fiddle and of course the Google Doodle.

Who knows how many more we can end up with, I’m sure there must be a jug version out there somewhere. Jews harp could be another or the bagpipes perhaps. Let’s get searching and post it to the blog. Cheers.

As an Added Note

For those wishing to learn to play tunes  on the iPhone get some great advice from this site I have come across.

Learn The Art Of Playing iPhone Music

Below is a bit of a flavor of what this site offers those interested in the topic.

Take some time to move things around with each element until you’ve got a lead sound that suits your needs.  You’ll find with appropriate “Tweaks” in place throughout all three sounds, you’ll have an overall sound that is completely different from you initial starting point.

Using a relatively basic interface, you can make some massive sound alterations, especially when you automate your changes over time.  When you dig deep into the art of “tweaking,” you do need to apply musicality liberally.  Sometimes tweaking your sounds makes a lot of sense, and other times, it can just be overkill.

The important thing to do is use the best sonic strategy that fits your music.  In some cases, that may mean tweaking all the available sonic element or it might mean just altering a couple; at other times, it might be best to simply avoid tweaking altogether.

This link will take you to the site where you will find more information on how to play happy birthday chords on an iPhone and a whole lot more.


Happy Birthday Song Lyrics

Buddy Ebsen Roy Clark Hillbillies 1968 Image From Wikipedia

The happy birthday song lyrics were sung to Roy Clark of country music fame, who celebrated his 79th birthday yesterday Fri 13th April. Not just your normal version of the congratulatory birthday song, but a version sung in Cherokee.

The participating audience were given a lead intro to the song by the Cherokee National Youth Choir. Complimenting the choir, Roy stated, “It has never been sung as sweet and will never be sung as sweet again,”

Earlier that evening while on stage, Roy had wrote his signature on a guitar which he owned. Placing it up for auction in front of his souvenir hungry fans, it’s no wonder that it reached a sum of over $4000.

After making the announcement about his pleasure the Cherokee choir had given him, with their rendering of the happy birthday song, he donated all auction proceeds would be used for supporting the choir.

Sing the Happy Birthday Song Lyrics
Sing the Happy Birthday Song Lyrics—Bush Library (

While playing guitar and performing many of his favored songs, Roy Clark still had the time to offer happy birthday wishes, as well as, happy anniversary to other members of the audience.

It seems everyone had a wonderful time, none more than Roy. He might have expected to hear the happy birthday song traditional style, but instead was treated with “alihelisdi udetiyisgvi”, a Cherokee version.

Happy Birthday Song Lyrics Traditional Style, Takes A Back Seat

The country music icon celebrated birthday number 79 Friday night with a near sold-out crowd at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

Clark rollicked through a string of classics with his trademark humor and endearing orneriness. His fingers swept over his guitar, as agile as ever, with a tone warm and welcoming.

All night, laughter abounded from the stage and the audience.

“Bless your heart,” the longtime Tulsa resident said when the crowd cheered wildly during his versions of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and “Malagueña.”

To read more about how this fantastic evening and the happy birthday song went down, click the link above.

Yesterday When I Was Young – Video of Roy at Grand Ole Opry

Roy Clark performing at the Grand Ole Opry live with “Yesterday When I Was Young”. Roy’s aged voice certainly brings more character to this song, being that it’s about looking back in latter years of life.

The guitar work is pure genius as we have come to expect. Seeing that this was uploaded on Jan 27, 2010, Roy would have had 76 happy birthdays tucked away under his belt by then, a pure joy.

Born in 1933 Roy Clark of Hee Haw host is highly regarded for his happy guitar playing and a host of many other instruments. Good place to find out more information about Roy Clark.

If you are looking for further material in a similar theme to the happy birthday song lyrics, visit the link birthday celebrating stuff.

Piano Chords For Happy Birthday By Ziemba

Portrait of Thelonious Monk Minton\'s Playhouse New…
Portrait of Thelonious Monk Minton’s Playhouse New York Rattling out piano chords—The Library of Congress (

A group of young students became excited when hearing the piano chords for happy birthday being played by Chris Ziemba and the other group members of the Juillard jazz ensemble.

You can just imagine how even more thrilled they became when given the opportunity of playing the piano alongside this accomplished jazz ensemble. One of the young students, Mackenzie Graham was also honored as being the special star guest at this jazz concert.

This honor came as a big surprise to the young lady, who was chosen along with another three youngsters to play piano on stage.

The Juilliard musicians invited the kids to accompany them by playing on the black keys of the piano, while the group played along with an appropriate jazz number.

Piano Chords For Happy Birthday

As a tribute to his hero (Theloniouse Monk – See top image), Ziemba and the other group members gave a rendering the happy birthday song.

“I was really surprised when they picked me,” MacKenzie said. “I liked playing the different notes and then playing together. It was really cool and I liked the music they played. The bass is the best, because I like the way it sounds.”

Now in its fourth year, Juilliard in Aiken has brought more than three dozen vocalists, musicians and dancers affiliated with The Juilliard School to the community for formal concerts and an increasing number of school outreach opportunities.

The ensemble is a performance education program established by the college in 2001. The current members are Matthew Jodrell, trumpet; Michael Thomas, alto saxophone; Christopher Ziemba, piano; Rob Haight, tenor saxophone; John Tate, bass; and Jeremy Noller, drums.

Read more about Ziemba playing the piano chords for happy birthday for the children.

Video Sample Of The Music From Ziemba On Piano

Featured here with Ziemba is Chris Potter on drums. A very accomplished performance, don’t you think.