Marilyn Monroe Happy Birthday Mr President

A classic post for this site is without doubt the, Marilyn Monroe happy birthday Mr President video. Marilyn singing the Happy Birthday song to JFK (John F. Kennedy) the United States of America President, must surely be one of the most famous happy birthday wishes and renderings of this song ever.

Marilyn Monroe Singing Happy Birthday Mr President Video

It was on the 19th of May 1962 that Marilyn was introduced onto the stage as “This lovely lady” by the presenter, who stated “Something or other – But punctual, Mr President, Marilyn Monroe”.

The audience at this point bursts into laughter, because when the presenter turns round expecting to see Marilyn walk onto stage, the stage is empty, NO Marilyn!

The sound in the auditorium is a bit distorted due to a lot of echo, but the presenter goes on to build Marilyn’s introduction with something that sounds like,

“But I’ll give her an introduction anyway, because Mr President in the history of show business.

There’s been no one female,

Who meant so much,

Who has done more”.

At this point Marilyn finally appears, hurriedly shimmies across the stage as Marilyn only could, to the relief of the presenter. He then re-introduces her,

“Mr President, the ??? Marilyn Monroe”

The question marks are in place here, because I can’t make out what it is he says. Many people have interpreted what he said as, “The late Marilyn Monroe”. Very possible because she was late arriving on stage, or maybe they are only┬áreading into this, due to her sudden death shortly after.

Happy Birthday Song

After having her wrap removed by the presenter, Marilyn goes on to give her rendition of happy birthday, followed by her own version of the song, “Thanks for the Memory”. The words go like this:


Thanks, Mr. President
For all the things you’ve done
The battles that you’ve won
The way you deal with U.S. Steel
And our problems by the ton
We thank you so much.

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Later on, JFK appeared on the stage and jokingly stated, “I can now retire from politics after having had Happy Birthday sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way,”

It’s quite funny really when you consider that Marilyn Monroe singing the Happy Birthday song was a bit premature, as the Presidents official 45th Birthday was celebrated 10 days later on the 29th of May. Question is, if the presenter did indeed say, “The late Marilyn Monroe”, turns out she was actually early, 10 days early to be exact!


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