Les Paul Google Doodle Guitar: Happy Birthday To Les Paul

Do you remember starting your computer up on the 9th of June 2011, going into Google and there was the Les Paul Google doodle guitar staring you right in the face. What was your reaction? Did you ever manage to do that search you originally went there to do? Speaking for myself, it was Christmas and Happy Birthday time all rolled into one, just messing around with this playable guitar page. This was Google’s way of honoring the great man on what was his Birthday, with the doodle Les Paul Guitar.

I thought you might be interested in this YouTube video that I stumbled upon. This person has managed to play Happy Birthday on the guitar.  Maybe just a tad out of tune on one part, but overall a very good attempt.

Les Paul Google Doodle Guitar

Being a big fan of the guitar and the music produced by the instrument, in all it’s shapes and forms, I for one totally forgot what I went to Google for that morning. Not only a guitar fan, but also old enough to remember the original songs sung by Les Paul, who’s real name was “Lester William Polfuss” and his wife, Mary Ford, real name “Colleen Summers”.

Les Paul Guitar Image
Les Paul Guitar - Real Version

It was Les Paul that first got me and many others, interested in multitracking music and purchasing semi-professional tape recorders. The hours of fun that these provided not only for myself, but also all of the children who were fascinated by the sounds provided. Such as the various echo’s and voice pitches produced on playback at various speeds.

For those who are unfamiliar with exactly what Les Paul was responsible for bringing to the world of music as we know it today, here is a brief description. He has been been responsible for pioneering work such as, sound on sound, creating echo effects using tape delay techniques, multitrack recordings and much more. His greatest attribute is undoubtedly the solid bodied electric guitar, which everyone who has ever taped their feet in rhythm, will be familiar with.

Although the music we remember from Les was Country and Jazz, Les Paul is often referred to as the father of Rock and Roll due to him giving us the electric guitar. Can you imagine Rock and Roll without electric guitars?

Thanks for that one Google, the Les Paul Google Doodle guitar is definitely my favorite Google doodle of all time. You can still access the doodle by clicking the link above.

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