Happy Birthday Ukulele Chords

Perhaps you are one of the new students who have started learning how to play the happy birthday ukulele chords, either for your own amusement or maybe to play the Birthday song to a friend.

If so, watch the video that I have put on the site here, which has both the birthday song chords and lyrics as performed by Olarn2000.

I have read his Facebook page where he states his background is playing guitar chords, although his passion now is playing ukuleles.

How to Play The Happy Birthday Ukulele Chords

Olarn2000, starts off on the Uke playing the Happy Birthday chords, giving us both, song chords and lyrics which is quite a pleasing sound. Bear in mind that this lad comes from Bangkok in Thailand, (Originally from Phuket in Thailand) and uses his native tongue in the video. Sorry, but I am unable to translate what he tells us, but basically the dialogue is simply about teaching us the Happy Birthday ukulele chords.

Next he explains that there are three Happy Birthday chords in the Birthday Song, which are C, G7 and F and also shows the chord fingering positions on the Ukulele fret board. The video shows clearly which strings should be played open, as well as the fret positions for the other strings for each chord in turn.

As a side note, the lad’s background is playing the guitar, so for anyone interested in also learning the Happy Birthday guitar chords or the Happy Birthday piano chords for that matter, click the respective links.

He goes on to strum out the tune using 4 beats to the bar. In an easy to follow method, he then again strums the chords, this time singing the words which has a caption showing which chord he is playing during each chord change.

It’s a good tutorial video which I believe will help you to master the Happy Birthday ukulele chords in a very short period of time. Perhaps you’ll be performing this as a birthday gift for a boyfriend, girlfriend or some other friend next week, who knows? Move on from there to more difficult songs to build up your repertoire. Hope this helps and have lots of fun while learning!!!

Some Information about the Ukulele

Happy Birthday Ukulele Chords Image

The origins of the ukulele dates back to the 19th century. It was brought to Hawaii by immigrants of Portuguese origin, in the form of a an instrument called the Cavaquinho. The Cavaquinho generally has four gut or wire strings and is from the guitar family. See the image which is of a shop displaying a selection of Ukuleles.

When it comes to tuning the ukulele, there are various methods that are frequently used. Going from the lowest note D, G, B, and D, which is the highest note is the most used tuning method with this instrument. Being a member of the guitar family, as mentioned earlier, it is no surprise to hear that D, G, B, and E, tuning is also used. These are the top four notes of the open strings when played on Guitar.

You will find ukuleles in four differing sizes, baritone, tenor, concert along with the soprano version. These size variations of the uke account for the variety of tone richness along with increases in volume.

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Entertaining Ukulele Band Featuring Multi Uke Versions

For an example of how these different ukulele types sounds, watch the video below featuring “The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain” where they play the melodious song “Teenage Dirtbag”. Just imagine how rich the sound would be if this group was playing the happy birthday ukulele chords to the birthday song, that would be a real treat.


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