Happy Birthday Tune Played On The Flute

This video will help those trying to learn the Happy Birthday tune played on the flute a whole lot quicker than just looking at music sheets. Keith Davis provides the flute tutorial here at various speeds in order to help students grasp the steps that much easier. The Birthday Song is being practiced by those learning to strum Happy Birthday on guitar as well as those learning to play the piano chords every day of the year.

Keith starts of going through the first phrase and then repeating at a slower speed that shows the finger work on the flute much clearer. Moving on to the 2nd phrase of the Happy Birthday tune he again plays it twice, the second time with a few possible variations for students to follow. The advice he suggests is to experiment with these variations until you are satisfied with your final results.

He makes the third section look just as easy for you to follow and bring the tune to completion.

Happy Birthday Tune Played On The Flute And Piccolo

Be prepared for a very nice treat performed by this young lady, as she treats us to a rendering of the happy birthday celebration song.  She must have used a multitracking system because it is the flute and the piccolo playing at the same time.

An example of multitracking would be to record one session with the flute, then play it back while playing the piccolo and of course have your video recorder running in record mode. Hey Presto,  play it back and you now have a multitrack showing both of your talents in one youtube video.

A very clever touch and very well performed. Who knows what size of orchestra she may end up making, if she already has these skills.

Hope the videos help you to learn to play the Happy Birthday tune on the flute and perhaps surprise someone very special to you when you do so. If you found the information useful, hit the share buttons below to forward it to a friend.



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