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The happy birthday song lyrics were sung to Roy Clark of country music fame, who celebrated his 79th birthday yesterday Fri 13th April. Not just your normal version of the congratulatory birthday song, but a version sung in Cherokee.

The participating audience were given a lead intro to the song by the Cherokee National Youth Choir. Complimenting the choir, Roy stated, “It has never been sung as sweet and will never be sung as sweet again,”

Earlier that evening while on stage, Roy had wrote his signature on a guitar which he owned. Placing it up for auction in front of his souvenir hungry fans, it’s no wonder that it reached a sum of over $4000.

After making the announcement about his pleasure the Cherokee choir had given him, with their rendering of the happy birthday song, he donated all auction proceeds would be used for supporting the choir.

Sing the Happy Birthday Song Lyrics
Sing the Happy Birthday Song Lyrics—Bush Library (Flickr.com)

While playing guitar and performing many of his favored songs, Roy Clark still had the time to offer happy birthday wishes, as well as, happy anniversary to other members of the audience.

It seems everyone had a wonderful time, none more than Roy. He might have expected to hear the happy birthday song traditional style, but instead was treated with “alihelisdi udetiyisgvi”, a Cherokee version.

Happy Birthday Song Lyrics Traditional Style, Takes A Back Seat

The country music icon celebrated birthday number 79 Friday night with a near sold-out crowd at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

Clark rollicked through a string of classics with his trademark humor and endearing orneriness. His fingers swept over his guitar, as agile as ever, with a tone warm and welcoming.

All night, laughter abounded from the stage and the audience.

“Bless your heart,” the longtime Tulsa resident said when the crowd cheered wildly during his versions of “Ghost Riders in the Sky” and “Malagueña.”

To read more about how this fantastic evening and the happy birthday song went down, click the link above.

Yesterday When I Was Young – Video of Roy at Grand Ole Opry

Roy Clark performing at the Grand Ole Opry live with “Yesterday When I Was Young”. Roy’s aged voice certainly brings more character to this song, being that it’s about looking back in latter years of life.

The guitar work is pure genius as we have come to expect. Seeing that this was uploaded on Jan 27, 2010, Roy would have had 76 happy birthdays tucked away under his belt by then, a pure joy.

Born in 1933 Roy Clark of Hee Haw host is highly regarded for his happy guitar playing and a host of many other instruments. Good place to find out more information about Roy Clark.

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