Happy birthday penguin style is an enjoyable video and one that would be worth while sending to someone you like as a birthday greeting.

Put a smile on their faces when they watch the video of the penguins performing their dance, as only penguins do

Interested in hearing the happy birthday chords played on an iPhone? Hear it is, unusual, I’m sure you’ll agree. Want to learn how to play tunes on the iPhone?

The Cherokee version of the happy birthday song lyrics were sung to Roy Clark while celebrating his 79th birthday bash at, The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.

An invitation to a bunch of kids was cheerfully accepted by them. At this event they were to be treated to the happy birthday song being performed by Chris Ziemba along with other members of the jazz group.

Co-writer of the Happy Birthday song, Patty Smith Hill was born on the 27th of March 1868 and was the reason for this post today. I have added an image of the original song which was called “Good Morning To All”.

Enjoy this video of the jazzed up version of Happy Birthday on piano. The video graphics are a treat in themselves. What’s the image you would vote for?

Couldn’t leave this classic out! Marilyn Monroe happy birthday Mr President. Marilyn Monroe singing the Happy Birthday song to JFK. Looks like Marilyn arrives a bit late on stage, but the question is, was she really late? Watch the video, read the post and make up your own mind.

If you have taken up playing the Flute, then you may find this video quite helpful. The popular Happy Birthday tune makes an ideal practice piece for the beginner, while at the same time put a smile on someone’s face on their birthday.

Happy Birthday piano chords can be learned by watching the video posted on here. Even learn how to play the full song if you have a mind to, as this tutorial video will help guide you in the process