Happy Birthday Piano Chords Tutorial

For those looking to see how the Happy Birthday piano chords look while being played on the keyboard, I’ve dug out this video for you. It has been recorded and played by this guy, Rob Smallwood. When it starts your going to say “But this is just another guy playing the Happy Birthday song and we won’t see any chords being shown” WROoooooong!!! That’s only the introduction, more to come.

OK, now we have that point out of the way, watch Rob show you some clever methods of how to play these chords. At 1.10 minutes into the video you will see that he starts of playing the tune in the key of C, which is an excellent tutorial in itself. If you choose to go on and learn how to play the tune, then at about 1.47 minutes into the video, he shows you how to play the C, G, F and F minor chords.

I have mentioned on another page here at, Happy Birthday guitar chords,  the benefits of learning the Happy Birthday chords in a selection of keys to accompany singers and guitar players wanting to play in these different keys. Ron also gives this same recommendation while at the same time, he demonstrates these other chord sequences for you to learn.

The tip he gives us here in this Happy Birthday piano chords tutorial is to use numbers, which he explains will be easier for the student, than learning chord names initially.

At the 4.05 minutes mark in the video he demonstrates the chords in the key of D, which are D, G and A. The final chord set of Happy Birthday piano chords he plays are in the key of G, which are G, D and F, Your homework now is to go on and practice these Happy Birthday chords in as many keys as you can.


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