Happy Birthday Piano Chords

Happy Birthday Piano ChordsIf you have gained interest in playing the piano, then just like every professional pianist, you must first learn how to play basic songs. One of the most basic and most famous songs that you should first learn is the Happy Birthday song and though it may seem a bit difficult to play as a beginner, you may be surprised at how simple it is to play the song. On this page we will look at learning how to play the happy birthday piano chords.

What are the Happy Birthday Piano Chords?

The happy birthday song chords on the piano happen to be super easy to learn, especially when you are very dedicated and passionate when it comes to playing the piano. If you want to play this song on the key of C as an example, then here are the chords; C, G7, C, C, F, C, G7, C. When you’re playing the song, the first note which is a C should be played along with singing the word “Happy“. The second note which is a G7 should be played saying the words “to you“. Below is a diagram of where the notes should be played and when. They are extremely easy to play once you know where the chords are on the piano.

C                                    G7                                       C

♫ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♫

C                                                        F                                   C        G7    C

♫ Happy birthday dear (celebrant’s name) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♫


Playing Chords with Both Hands

Musicians can also try the following chords for the right hand  ♪| C C D C F E C C D C G |♪ and  ♪| E-C F E A A G C | E D D-F C-E C-B |♪ for the left hand.

Higher Version

For a higher version, pianists may opt with this set of chords:  ♪| F CC (high) C A F E D | BB C-F-A B-F G C-F | for the right hand and ♪| C C-B C-B C F G G B-B | A-C B-C A | for the left hand

Is it Difficult to Play the Happy Birthday Piano Chords?

It’s actually not so hard to play the piano. You’ll find its fantastic fun and super easy once you know where the chords are. Remember that it does take time to learn this song and perfect it. However, if you have a music teacher guiding you, they are sure to let you know of any things that you’ll need to change if ever you’re doing something

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What are the Benefits of Knowing How to Play the Happy Birthday Song on the piano?

One of the main benefits of knowing this song is that you can play it during Birthday parties and events where your family asks you to play the piano. When you learn this song, you’ll also learn how to hear the notes a bit better than normal. So, you can potentially teach yourself other songs if you want by simply learning the Happy Birthday chords. Of course, it’s hard to make up songs on your own, but it’s very cool when you’re able to hear notes much better and learn other songs much easier.

Happy Birthday is a beginner song when played on the piano. What’s nice about knowing this song is that if ever somebody asks you to play it during their birthday, as least you can do it. Always practice and try to play it in different keys. It’s been said that it’s most used on the F or F major key, to see the chords chart for F major see Happy Birthday guitar chords but the G key is where most folk’s voices are comfortable, see G major chords chart here Happy Birthday chords.

By learning the piano birthday chord variations, you will discover how to listen to the notes much more effectively and develop your music ear. Listening to a lot of your favorite music being played on the piano, or areas of the music where the piano is prominent is always recommended. For happy birthday piano sheet music to help you learn, visit this link.

Use your ear and try to remember the key the music is being played in. Picture in your mind the position of your fingers playing these chords and before long you will be playing the Happy Birthday piano chords with your eyes closed.

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Happy Birthday Piano Chords Tutorial Video

In the video this tutorial is in the key of D. So just watch on if you prefer to learn it in another key other than the example I used at the beginning.

Who knows after a short time you may me jazzing it up.

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