Happy Birthday Penguin Style – Real Cool Birthday Song


Enjoy the happy birthday penguin style video to see the happy birthday song performed, possibly in a way you’de never seen before. Wow, never knew they could do so many dancing steps, even the very young to the old.

May even take a trip down Antartica way, just to watch this show all for myself. “Happy birthday, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, may all your dreams come true, la, la, la”

Looks like Pengy over there on the right has slept in and missed the party. Is he asking those folks, “Is this the way to Antarctica” looks lost to me!

Happy Birthday Penguin Image

You could cheer someone special up by forwarding this page link to them, especially if their birthday is quite close.

Even take them to the birthday quiz questions page, see if they can pick out who you’re wishing happy birthday to.

Enjoy, enjoy man, la, la, tre-la, may all your dreams come true, happy birthday to you, la, la, la, dreams come true, dreams come truuuuueeeee, la, la, tra, la, le, la……..



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