Happy Birthday on Piano Jazz style: Vote On Best Image

Happy Birthday On PianoStudy time is over and it’s time for some light entertainment, with this rendering of Happy Birthday on piano, Jazz style. Really interesting video, I think you will enjoy it.

Apart from the delightful happy jazzed up version of the Happy Birthday song, these guy’s certainly should be congratulated on the brilliant graphics they have added to the video.

Enjoy The Happy Birthday on Piano Video


How’s about those crazy Birthday cake candles, are they something or what? Getting some good ideas for a certain persons next big day party here.

What’s your favorite image from the video, apart from that gorgeous cake?

Is it “The Chocolate Kid”, “Mickey Mouse” or is it perhaps “Hammy The Hamster”, who is singing along to the Happy Birthday jazz music.

Be it the Beatles, the Beer, the Balloons, the Bear in the middle of the tussle or the Bunch of Kids waiting to get stuck into the food on the table. Let us know in the chat box below what you like best.

Jazz Piano Hero

If your a fan of Jazz and piano in particular, a great all-time favorite you might be interested in reading about is Dave Brubeck. The composer/musician celebrated his 91st birthday on the 6th of December 2011. Although this page of recommended reading dates to 2009, it does give good details about Dave.

One of America’s most revered and respected jazz and classical pianists and composers, Dave Brubeck has remained prolific throughout his six decades of performing on stages across the world.

Dave Brubeck’s Early Days

Born in Concord, California, on December 6, 1920, David Warren Brubeck seems to have entered the world with music in his blood. The Brubeck family also produced two more professional musicians, Brubeck’s two elder brothers. Young Dave took to the keys at an early age, taught by his mother who had studied classical piano in England.

Would you have this guy play Happy Birthday on piano Jazz style, to you? Click the link for more of this great story.

Pass this page on to your friends who will be celebrating a Happy Birthday soon.


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