Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali On 70th Birthday

I would just like to join with the many others, to say Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali to one of my all time sports hero’s. The world heavyweight boxing champion Ali, gets the Happy Birthday song sung to him to celebrate his 70th birthday in his home town of Louisville Kentucky. As the commentator states, “Ali is one of the most beloved people in the world, is old now, after suffering 30 years of illness, but he still lights up the room. How true!

Crowd Wishing Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali

No big bands , no pianos playing and no strumming of the Happy Birthday guitar chords here, just a collection of admirers, supporters and friends singing Happy Birthday to the great man. Some of these guests which included Lennox Lewis, payed anything up to $1000 to attend the special dinner occasion held at the Muhammad Ali Centre.

Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali Of Younger Years NYWTS Wikipedia

A few people in the video comment about Ali’s accomplishments and how inspirational someone like him is to all youngsters. A long time battler both in the ring and out, the commentator explains the reason why Ali threw his Gold Medal that he won in the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, into the Ohio river.

His spitting image brother appears in the video and tells us that, although Ali’s motor skills are slow due to Parkinson’s his mind is still sharp.

Ali was even prepared to throw everything away by refusing to go to war in Vietnam, which ended up in a court battle. His principles were priority over fame and gives us a measure of the man.

Apart from his feats and triumphs in the ring, never have I heard a more entertaining sports personality. Memories I have of the Louisville Lip as he was once named, are fresh in my mind and still give cheer. Whether it be Pre-fight build up rantings or the witty charming appearances on the Parkinson Shows on United Kingdom television, Ali always provided us with great entertainment.

My only claim to any similarity to the great man is, that we were both born in the same year of 1942. My hero in the sporting world and hugely admired in the everyday world,   Happy Birthday Wishes and many more.

Video clips of Ali then known as Cassius Clay winning and being presented with his gold medal in Rome.

This link will give more good information about the Birthday Boy Muhammad Ali and more about the man can be found at this Mohammad Ali

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