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The latest addition to our site is the Happy Birthday Images Portal where you will find a wide selection of related images.

Examples will include happy birthday balloon images, happy birthday cake images and funny happy birthday images to name a few.

Keep your eye on this list and come back often


Happy 21st Birthday To You

Send a Happy 21st Birthday Image to a Friend

happy 21st birthday

Do you have a friend or family member who you would like to send a happy 21st birthday message to? Send them this card and add your own personal message?

Have you any advice you would/should pass on?

What went right with your party and what went wrong, are you in a position to give advice?

Adulthood has at last arrived and adult legal activities can be legally enjoyed, with moderation!!!


Happy Birthday Balloons Images Made For You

With balloons being so much a part of celebrating birthdays, so too is the demand for happy birthday balloons images. Folk buy balloons in their millions and spend just as many hours blowing them up and decorating them in preparation for their friends and families forthcoming birthday.

Happy Birthday Balloon Pictures
Happy Birthday Balloon Pictures

Thanks to our new Happy Birthday Images Portal we are now able to make and add all sorts of images to the blog. The good news is that this service is also available for our readers to use as and when they wish, just visit the above link to see it for yourself.

You could build up your own images using our pre-made templates and images.

You can personalize them any way you want by adding names of people you want to send the image too.

Add your own personal greetings message and congratulations.

There are a few sample pictures added to this page, made using the happy birthday balloons images category. They will give some idea of what the image portal can provide.

The first image would be suitable to send to a young daughter, whereas the second image would probably suit a boy much better.

Make Your Own Happy Birthday Balloons Images Greetings Card

The best idea would be to play around with it and get used to the various templates, images and add on items, like speech bubbles, hairpieces etc. More templates and images will be added and I will post on here when they are ready.

Happy Birthday Balloons Images
Happy Birthday Balloons Images

On the second image, you will see how I have decorated the balloon on the left hand side to create a funny face. Speech bubbles can sometimes be hilarious as can added text with witty statements or humorous quotes.

Many folk are nowadays referring to these types of images as memes. They have become very popular everywhere, none more so than on the social sharing sites.

Talking about social sharing site, feel free to pass on this page to your friends, you just never know how creative they might become and what they will send to you.

I have already started making others such as, “Happy Birthday Cake Images” and some “Funny Happy Birthday Images”.

If you have any preferences to other image ideas apart from the happy birthday balloons images already provided, leave a comment to let us know what templates which follow the “Happy Birthday Chords Theme” you would like to see.

Now’s your opportunity, to show off your skills using our free to use memes maker.