Happy Birthday Chords Played on An iPhone App

Playing the happy birthday chords on an iPhone app, well what next. I thought it was a clever and unusual method of performing the birthday song, so I just had to add it in here for you to see. Hope you to enjoy watching it.

Enter the iPhone App Playing The Happy Birthday Chords


Personally I’ve never attempted to play it on an iPhone, how’s about you? Would like to know just how common it is playing these.

This is yet another method of playing the birthday tune we can add to our collection, having already added variouse styles of the guitar, piano, ukulele, harmonica, fiddle and of course the Google Doodle.

Who knows how many more we can end up with, I’m sure there must be a jug version out there somewhere. Jews harp could be another or the bagpipes perhaps. Let’s get searching and post it to the blog. Cheers.

As an Added Note

For those wishing to learn to play tunes  on the iPhone get some great advice from this site I have come across.

Learn The Art Of Playing iPhone Music

Below is a bit of a flavor of what this site offers those interested in the topic.

Take some time to move things around with each element until you’ve got a lead sound that suits your needs.  You’ll find with appropriate “Tweaks” in place throughout all three sounds, you’ll have an overall sound that is completely different from you initial starting point.

Using a relatively basic interface, you can make some massive sound alterations, especially when you automate your changes over time.  When you dig deep into the art of “tweaking,” you do need to apply musicality liberally.  Sometimes tweaking your sounds makes a lot of sense, and other times, it can just be overkill.

The important thing to do is use the best sonic strategy that fits your music.  In some cases, that may mean tweaking all the available sonic element or it might mean just altering a couple; at other times, it might be best to simply avoid tweaking altogether.

This link will take you to the site where you will find more information on how to play happy birthday chords on an iPhone and a whole lot more.


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