Happy Birthday Chords

Do you know the Happy Birthday chords and are you able to play them as an accompayment to the birthday song, to your family and friends.

Birthday greetings can often be as plain as someone saying “Hello and Oh, I nearly forgot, Happy Birthday” as an after thought, or it can be as lively as having friends singing and playing song to you on some musical instrument.

More and more folk today, are wanting to learn to play various musical instruments and the very fact that the birthday song is so well known, makes it the perfect song to learn to play a musical instrument. Not only that, but the motivation of being able to surprise a friend or a family member, by playing the Happy Birthday song on an instrument, is a great boost.

Whether the person is a certified musician or a beginner in the field of music, playing and experimenting with this song  Reinventions of original chords can also be made to spice up birthday celebrations.

Happy Birthday Chords

For experienced musicians, the Happy Birthday chords are not limited to one type of tune, because players can always experiment to make the song more interesting and suitable for the celebrant’s age. Nowadays, there are numerous versions which showcase creativity and innovation. Some sound very fast, while some are slow. Some have high pitch tones, while some maintain low-key chords.

Bearing in mind that probably the most commonly sung song, using English words and phrases is the Happy Birthday song. This in itself would be reason enough for anyone learning to play an instrument to learn these chords.

For beginers a good starting point this piano starter packs would soon have anyone playing along.

Watch The Lego Beatles Strumming The Happy Birthday Chords

Well maybe not! The hands are just a little bit to clumsy to do the finer chord work. Good video though.


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Happy Birthday Chords For Some Instruments

Below you’ll find some examples of how to play guitar chords. These same chords would be used for other various instruments. If you would like to learn some more keys to play this tune in, visit the Happy Birthday guitar chords page, or find many .

An Example Of Chords For Guitar

G                                    D7                                       G

♫ Happy birthday to you ♪ Happy birthday to you ♫

G                                                        C                                   G        D7   G

♫ Happy birthday dear (celebrant’s name) ♪  Happy birthday to you ♫

Birthday Chords For Ukulele

An instrument similar to the guitar is the ukulele. If you’re learning this instrument you’ll find an excellent video which goes to great lengths to teach the Happy Birthday ukulele chords. The kid who is teaching the chords on this video was a huge fan of the guitar until he discovered the ukulele.

The second video on that page features the “The Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain” and is enjoyable to watch. A good tutorial for anyone wanting to learn how to play the Ukulele is the Dummies edition by Alistair Wood

Happy Birthday Song Chords On Piano

When learning to play the piano, the Happy Birthday song  is an excellent choice, due to you being really familiar with the tune. You would need to have been living on the moon, not to have heard it. It will surprise you how much easier it is to attempt a tune you know and therefore, how much easier your fingers will find the proper keys.

Once you have become more proficient you can try adding twists with the original chords to achieve interesting melodies. It can be played alone or accompanied with other musical instruments. There is a piano chord chart listed below, but also visit the link to see other Happy Birthday piano chords

Pianists can follow these chords as an example which are in the key of F major:  ♪| F C7 F  F Bb  F C F|♪ Click on the above link for wider selection of chords for the piano and also in a more suitable learning format.

Notes to Play on The Flute

If performers want to present the song using the flute, they can make the song sound sweet and classical or very jolly depending on the tune and tempo they apply. Happy Birthday chords in flute are as follows:

♪| Bb Bb C Bb Eb D | Bb Bb C Bb F Eb | Bb Bb Bb (high octave) G Eb D C | Ab Ab G Eb F Eb |♪.

The Notes Used When Playing Violin

On the other hand, playing the song on the violin it can be played in C major and can be accompanied with other instruments to sound more interesting. Here are the violin chords:

♪| c c d c f e | c c d c g f | c c (high) c a f e d | f f e c d c |♪ or in this set of chords ♪| d d e d g f | d d e d a g | d d a g f e d | a a g d e d |♪.

Or Maybe You Need a Music Chart For Playing The Harmonica

Most instrumental presentations of happy birthday wishes are done through the use of piano or guitar. If a musician wants to be unique, he/she can play harmonica accompanied with other instruments or a singer. To play Happy Birthday chords on the harmonica, here are the tabs to follow:

♪|6+ 6+ 6 6+ 7+ 7 | 6+ 6+ 6 6+ 8 +7+ | 6+ 6+ 9+ 8+ 7+ 7 6 | 9 9 8+ 7+ 8 7+ |♪.

As we have seen, musicians can play Happy Birthday chords on different musical instruments like guitar, piano, ukulele, flute, violin, and harmonica. There are various tunes, pitches, and melodies which can be chosen, according to the theme of the birthday celebration. In fact, in piano chords alone, musicians can reinvent original chords into more lively and ear-catching songs.

All you need to do now is choose your instrument you wish to play the Happy Birthday tune on. Choose whose birthday you will be performing at. Will it be for Pop, Mom, your  Brother, your Sister or even practising to make it one of your special surprise birthday gifts for a boyfriend. Whatever the occasion, enjoy.

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Birthday Quiz Questions – Wish Someone Happy Birthday For A Bit Of Fun

For a bit of fun, in the image below, could you find a member of the family or acquaintance that you would like to wish a happy birthday to. You could even share this image with anyone that you wanted to wish a happy birthday to.

You could even comment below about how many answers you managed to find, don’t give to much away to others though! Read more about this item here.



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A Little bit of History About The Happy Birthday Song

It was in Kentucky that the very fist version of the tune we refer to as, Happy Birthday was first penned. Way back in 1893 the song was created by both Patty & Mildred Hill, two sisters who wrote the song to be sung by the children attending the kindergarten, of which Patty was the principle.

Even the original “Good Morning to All” version by the Hill sisters, is thought by some to have been copied from popular and fairly comparable material of an earlier date. To read more about the history of the happy birthday song, click the link.

For anyone wanting to go further in learning music, here’s a site I recommend to visit, that could help you to learn the happy birthday chords and more. Before long you could be playing the Birthday song chords with your eyes closed, on any instrument and maybe even teaching others.


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    This is a great way to wish friends or family happy birthday! x

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      Glad you enjoyed it Suzi, feel free to use and share it any time you want!


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