Famous Bob Dylan Songs – “Blowin In The Wind”

Famous Bob Dylan Songs Symbol
Famous Bob Dylan Songs Symbol

This week it was happy birthday wishes all round for the 50th birthday, of one of the most famous Bob Dylan songs, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, the 1960s anti-war protest song. Tex Zimmerman has made a present of a birthday cake to the song and presented it to a Bob Dylan representative. The happy birthday chords will be getting strummed, when Tex performs  on Sunday.

 Famous Bob Dylan Songs

Just thought it appropriate to add a few videos of “Blowin In The Wind” as it was after all,  one of the Bob Dylan greatest hits. I attended a venue late last year to watch Bob Dylan perform and at 70 years young he can still have the fans going mad and asking for encores.

Songwriter extraordinaire to put it mildly and destined for the history books of the future. Wonder what they’ll say?

A Young Lad, Matt Corrado’s Does Dylan


Famous Bob Dylan Songs Birthday Cake Honer

Tex Zimmerman couldn’t sit back and watch the 50th birthday of a Bob Dylan classic pass without fanfare.

On Sunday, Tex Zimmerman and His All-Star Revue will lead Dan’s Silverleaf in wishing many happy returns to “Blowin’ in the Wind.” Tex Zimmerman is a Dylan-devoted musical persona of Denton jazz musician Mike Steinel.

Dylan told the press that in 1961, he was disappointed by that year’s release, Bob Dylan. Within weeks of releasing the self-titled album — which included just two original songs — Dylan began writing a stream of protest songs that would take him two years to complete.

Click the link to read more of this story, celebrating one of the most famous Bob Dylan songs.

I’m sure everyone will have been well entertained here, especially fans of these famous Bob Dylan songs. No doubt the Dylan style guitar chords and harmonica accompaniments will have been in full flow at this happy birthday event. kkk

More Versions Of The All Time Great Song

Katie Melua version


Joan Baes Version


Original Bob Dylan “Blowin In The Wind”


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