Eating A Happy Birthday Electric Guitar and Soggy Chords

I do admit that eating a happy birthday electric guitar cake does sound a bit surreal, but this it what you will be able to do when you put into practice, exactly what the ladies in the video explain to us. That’s if the kids let you near it in the first place!

Just click skip, to get rid of the advert at the start and learn how to make a most interesting and novel cake. Wow, I’m feeling hungry.

The presenter asks if your kids are old enough to rock-it-out with their favorite song, then they are definitely old enough to love a rock and roll birthday party with their very own happy birthday electric guitar cake.

Having a look at the cake, it certainly looks the part in it’s mad modern color complete with scratch plate, pick-ups, strings, frets, pegs and control knobs. In fact it looks so good, you could eat it, as they say. Steady junior, let’s a least take a photo first.

I like the way the table is decorated out with the sunglasses etc already in place for the invited party guests, let’s go, let’s go, let’s party!!!

Just for a moment let’s act like a kid, who would you like to be surrounded with if it were your birthday party. The King, The Big O, Buddy or the fab Four getting their fingers all messed up strumming the happy birthday guitar chords on this guitar. Or maybe someone a bit more current, just think.

Using a slab of cake and proceeding to cut the cake using a guitar shaped template, now gives it a crumb coat followed by a final coat of frosting – is that icing? Now comes the delicate procedure of piping on the decoration which gives the cake it’s individuality. Just think what you could pipe on here, blank canvas!

When we imagine what’s about to take place here, when all those Rockers get sat down and after singing the happy birthday song, begin gorging  themselves on this gastronomic delight, will it be time well spent, making it? Mothers, only Mothers, where would we be without them.

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