Dancing Grandma Needs Followers

This dancing Grandma needs followers. See the Video.

Well just you go for it J Dimps. Are you sure you’re gonna turn 80 years old?

Got to say you’re looking mighty spritely for anyone about to hit the big 80. Will you be doing it all over again when you’re going for your 90th?

All these questions yeh, but somehow I think the answer will be yes on all accounts.


A New York woman, who is turning 80 in October, wants to have one thousand Twitter followers for every year of her life by her birthday. She is above 70,000 at this point.

@J_DIMPS you will get there, your goal is known all the way in Belgium! You will have way more than 80.000 followers! 🙂

— Kevin Mestdagh (@KevinMestdagh1) April 28, 2012

Every one follow @J_DIMPS so she gets 80,000 followers!

— Lindsey H (@linharrington) April 28, 2012


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/04/27/grandma-wants-80000-followers/

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