Birthday Quiz Questions – Wish Someone Happy Birthday Today

Have you been looking for something a bit different that you could send to someone to wish them a happy birthday.

How would a birthday quiz questions page, that you could send them to, suit you. Just for a bit of fun, I made this question quiz up for some of my own friends and family.

Now I see them passing it around to their friends as well.

How it Works

Try to see how many people you could wish happy birthday to in the  image below. In fact why not share the image with the person you would like to congratulate, or just share it with anyone you know.

Just ask them if they can find the name that you refer to them as.

Birthday Quiz Questions

You could even comment below about how many you managed to find, don’t give to much away to others though!

Here are some other links to pages that you could point your friends and family to that would put a smile on their faces when their birthday arrives. Have they watched the Happy Bithday Penguin Style video, give them a laugh.

Or how about treating them to watching little Lans (only 4 years old at the time) playing and singing happy birthday on the ukulele  in 6 different languages, what a treat.




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