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Firstly let me welcome you to my blog, HappyBirthayChords.org and I hope you enjoy the content.

I have become a bit of an expert regarding Happy Birthday’s over the last 70 years! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not meaning to be boastful, just saying that I have had happy birthday’s for a long time now and long may they continue.

Apart from enjoying my own birthday occasions, really it’s those of the younger members of the family that I enjoy the most. Probably it’s because they take me back to my own childhood and how I felt when I was celebrating becoming another year older.

What almost amounts to wishing my life away with thoughts of, soon be old enough to go to school with my older sister and friends! Soon be leaving school and going out to work and so on. I’m sure you will have experienced much the same thing and maybe you still are.

On my blog “Happy Birthday Chords” I have added quite a few videos which feature folk celebrating a birthday. Others have people performing the happy birthday song, such as young Lans who performs it in numerous languages. Even superstars are featured in some of the videos that have captured birthday related moments.

All in all, I think I have put together some funny birthday occasions that have entertained me and hope will provide for others, the same pleasure.


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