Why Kids Shouldn’t Have Birthdays

With great unintentional humor like this it’s such a shame that the kids will grow up and perhaps lose a lot of this stuff.

No doubt, it gives us all the more reason why we should enjoy them while they are at this magical age.

Got anything similar? Have you got great stuff and reasons why kids shouldn’t have birthdays? Why not leave it in the comment box below.

1. Dear Mrs. McMahon:

2. I am sorry (to a grandparent):

7. This pointed reminder:

9. This response from Julian:

11. Buckets of my tears:

14. Sebastian came to life:

15. Good morning:

17. Dear parents:

18. This art project (and teacher’s reply):

19. This is fucking urgent:

21. Or “your” fired:

25. I will miss you:

28. I am warning you:

30. Dear Mom and Dad:

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