Red Riding Hood Video – Funny

You must watch the red riding hood video below if you want a really good laugh. It would seem like the whole family have gone to a lot of trouble in producing what they give us here.

And the charachters all play multiple roles, clever.

What do you think, was that not entertaining?

Want to make your own production? Here are a few costumes I have picked out to give you a flavour of what’s available.

Some perhaps more suitable for a childrens production and some that could be a bit more, Oh La La.

With halloween coming up soon, the costumes could come in very usefull giving you a brand new slant on this years halloween outfit. Who would recognise you as Little Red Riding Hood? Not many I bet. Certainly nobody would recognise you as the wolf.

Red Cape With Hood

red hood cape
red riding hood video

This red cape with hood would suit anyone looking to keep the cost of the little red ridding hood costume down to a minimum. It certainly looks the part and would allow the child to show of her pretty new dress if she prefered.

Comes in a wide variety of sizes which are small, medium, large and extra large. The small to medium versions which from the neck to the hem is 28 inches long and would fit most kids in the 3 to 5 year old range. The large and the extra large cape is more suited to  5 to 9 year old kids ans is 32 inches long again measy=ured from neck to the hem.

The material is red velvet with a ribbon to tie in a bow to hold the garment on the shoulders.

This red cape with hood comes highly recommended as it has been rated a huge 4.9 stars from the 5 star maximum rating sytem. From the many who purchased the cape, 26 people have left their review and are extremly satisfied with their purchase.

Most of the buyer reviews state how well the children liked the garment and how well it fitted them. From those 26 buyers 24 have given 5 stars and the other 2 left 4 stars.

Read the reviews here for yourself to get a better idea of what I am talking about.




Marieles Celebrates Her Birthday Dinner Alone

It looks like Marieles has decided to celebrate her birthday this year with dinner all on her lonesome. Seems like she amused all the others in the restaurant with the laughter I hear in the background!


Just love the part where she is waiting patiently for the dinner to arrive, fidgets and yawns as if to say “Wish they would hurry up”.

I suppose you could believe that what you were watching here was in fact, REAL. But as we know dogs don’t possess such manners, patience or delicacy when eating. Is this yet another one I have gotten wrong? Pass the wine over please!


Realistic Birthday Cake Sculpture

I think you will agree this is an incredibly realistic birthday cake sculpture, can you conjure up your own.

Did you get presented with a birthday cake that was incredibly realistic.?

What was it like, could you describe it?

How many people did it feed?

Comments and or images would be great if you could share it.

At Debbie Does Cakes in California’s Bay Area has one rule: they do not do traditional cakes. Instead, you can request literally any item be transformed into the birthday classic baked good.

The company explains on their website that their cakes “are one of a kind centerpieces.” Each cake is a work of art. And when you see what they’ve been able to do with just some cake batter and fondant, you’ll be ready to place an order.

Realistic Birthday Cake Sculpture of a Pay phone


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Thats 3 Years in a Row You Forgot My Birthday

You Forgot My Birthday

You done it again. That’s 3 years in a row you forgot my birthday. What like it gonna be when you get old and not even remember my 21st birthday.


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Happy Birthday – Choose Your Live Gift

Get yourself a load of this! Don’t you just love these cuties? Go ahead and grab your Happy Birthday choose your live gift here.

One condition, don’t cuddle them to death.

I thought I knew what a cute animal was… until I saw this. The Internet is full of Corgi pictures, fluffy puppies and sweet kittens. None of them match up to the insanely precious animals in this gallery. When these animals were born, the Universe became a much cuter place. It’s not an exaggeration. These animals are so cute, it’s hard to believe they really exist.

1.) This Pomeranian just killed my heart.

2.) Don’t be shy, panda. I love you.

3.) Your tiny umbrella can’t hide your cuteness, hamster.

4.) I’ll protect you from the world, Mr. Fluffy.

5.) Oh hai, Mister Sloth.

6.) This is the most awesome box that has ever existed.

7.) This piglet is sweeter than ice cream.

8.) He has my seal of approval.

9.) No imitation is as good as the real thing.

10.) I just fell in love with those eyes.

11.) I could just eat you up. … for real.

12.) Cute + Adorable = AWWW.

13.) This sugar glider is too sweet.

14.) This trail of adorable leads to heaven.

15.) Napping with puppies is heaven on earth.


17.) This little stinker stole my heart.

18.) Piglet for President!

19.) This isn’t a marshmallow.

20.) Mr. Chinchilla is looking for you.

21.) Don’t sit here! I’m being cute!

22.) It’s safe to come out now, little seal.

23.) If you get a bunny wet, he just gets cuter.

24.) All owls should wear hats. That’s a scientific fact.

25.) I love you, fennec fox. Can you hear me?


27.) Your wrinkles just make me love you more, little bulldog.

28.) Don’t be shy, bunny, I just want to love you forever.

After seeing those cuties, your blood pressure should be 40% lower and the smile on your face should be 100% bigger. Spread the cheer to others by clicking below and sharing this post.

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60th birthday wishes

60th Birthday Wishes Scrabble Birthday Card

For those celebrating their big Six-O. Happy 60th birthday wishes and enjoy our Scrabble birthday card.

60th birthday wishes

That’s Me on My Very First Birthday

That's An Old Photo

That was me on my very first birthday, my mom took it.

Yea sure officer I can understand the confussion.

But I don’t think that ugly is the appropriate word.

Put a smile on a friends face

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Guy Put A Bumper Car On His Birthday Present

This Guy Put A Bumper Car On His...

A bumper car on his birthday present!!!

Certainly a novel way to protect a mobility trike. Not sure if I think it would work.

Do these things have brakes? I don’t think so. Aw heck, surely he knows what’s what.



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Getting Washed for the Birthday Party Using Morphing Balloon On A Trampoline

Looking spotless young man! Hope you stay that way at the party.

If not its back to the trampoline for you.

Morphing Balloon On A Trampoline

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Did I Really Get All Those Birthday Presents – Sea of Color Knickknacks?

kipple (kip’ – É™l): noun “…useless objects, like junk mail or match folders after you use the last match or gum wrappers or yesterday’s newspaper. When nobody’s around, kipple reproduces itself…the entire universe is moving towards a final state of total, absolute kippleization.”

–Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 1968

Science fiction writer Dick coined the word (which sadly never caught on in real-life vernacular) in his famous novel that would be later adapted into the film Blade Runner. It’s a pretty relatable concept, so much so that British photographer Dan Tobin Smith decided to use the concept as a basis for a large-scale installation project in his East London studio for the 2014 London Design Festival.

The studio, with the installation and walking paths.

Be careful on the stairs…

The piece, called The First Law of Kipple, features thousands of objects all meticulously arranged by color, so that Tobin Smith’s 200-square-meter space appears, from afar, to be a sea of colors. On closer inspection, though, you can see that the gently graduated colors come from the careful arrangement of dishes, electronics, toys, clothing, books, knickknacks and all kinds of random objects you might find lying around your house. Tobin Smith collected some of the objects, which number well into the thousands, and others were donated by the public after the artist put out an announcement on social media.

Everything is precisely arranged so that the colors flow naturally into one another

Tobin Smith photographed the installation and created a series of prints.

Tobin Smith was inspired by the Philip K. Dick term and definition. He expanded on it to create this piece, which he says touches on the ideas of clutter and how it relates to a person’s psychological state. It also draws on themes of “acceptable” versus “unacceptable” clutter, and how people are willing to overlook an object’s uselessness if it’s visually attractive. Larger still, is the idea that items of all kinds are produced in bulk, even though resources are limited.

Up close, the sea of color becomes a collection of recognizable objects.

(Via designboom|Dan Tobin Smith)

You could also use the piece to contemplate where stuff ends up. While the installation is beautiful on first glance because of its arrangement, you can’t shake the feeling that it’s really reminiscent of a garbage dump. The question arises then: what will happen to all of these things when the installation is over? Where will it all go? If it doesn’t get thrown out or repurposed, that’s going to be one heck of a garage sale.


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