For a bit of fun, have a go at answering the birthday quiz questions on this page. Or better still, why not forward a link to your family as well as your friends and see if they can pick out what your relationship with them is.

have you tried eating a happy birthday electric guitar cake? Do you think the kids would? You bet. Watch the video and see how it’s made. Your kids will love you even more when you bake one for them.

50th birthday wishes to one of the famous Bob Dylan songs of all time, “Blowin’ in the Wind”. The song that said so much in the 60s, only took Dylan 10 minutes to put together!

Happy Birthday on ukulele, being played by a four year old kid, is something in itself. But when you hear him singing the Birthday song in six different languages, then it’s just that little bit more special.

Today the 17th of January 2012 we wish the all time favorite sports star, Muhammad Ali a very Happy Birthday on his 70th birthday.